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Bathroom Renovations, Resurfacing, and Tiling in Cannon Hill

Using water and energy efficiently lowers not only your bills but also decreases your environmental footprint. Gold Star Bathrooms can make your bathroom more functional which can save you space and time as well. Bathroom renovations in Cannon Hill can increase the efficiency of your life in so many ways.

With over 20 years of experience we can create the perfect bathroom for you

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complete bathroom renovations gold coast

Project Schedule

Our meticulously planned projects provide you with a concrete schedule, where we can systematically complete all the tasks involved in your bathroom renovation. Our process and services are outlined below.

complete bathroom renovations gold coast

We Can Help Design

Gold Star Bathrooms provide a comprehensive bathroom renovation service from start to finish. There are a vast array of different processes and tasks that are involved when building or renovating bathrooms, and we can take care of them all.


Modern Designs

Ensuring they offer more than just a job well done, the team at Gold Star Bathrooms come to you equipped with the latest tools, modern technology, and all the necessary supplies including tiles, appliances, fittings and more.

Before & After

See our latest bathroom renovation before and after photos. Another very happy Gold Star customer!

Water Conservation Techniques in Bathroom Renovations in Cannon Hill

The bathroom is the space in your home where you use the most water so it makes sense that changes here can create significant saving in your water usage. In the past, using water conservation features meant you had to live with lower performance, but that isn’t true anymore.

For example, the technology in showerheads has dramatically improved their ability to use less water but still give you the pressure and coverage you desire. You can also choose from a variety of flow types such as pulsating or rainfall. In fact, we can design a shower with multiple options to give you variety.

Today’s toilets can successfully flush with much less water than their predecessors which means switching out your toilet can save you litres with each flush. Dual flush toilets give you the option to customise each flush, using only as much water as is required.

When you do a bathroom remodel in Cannon Hill, you’ll want to think about your tub because it uses a lot of water to fill. Many reasons exist to keep a bathtub such as easy cleaning for the kids or luxurious soaks after work. If you don’t want a tub, we can design an elegant and efficient shower. Our bathroom tiling in Cannon Hill can be used to create a shower that is easy to clean and maintain yet is exquisite and modern. You may want a large and spacious shower that takes up about the same space as the tub or we can make a smaller stall and use the extra space for storage or other desired amenities.

Cannon Hill Bathroom Renovation

Goldstar Bathroom is a leading bathroom renovation company with  over 20 years of experience. We will solve all needs of your Gold Coast bathroom renovation from the design through to the construction.

The team of Goldstar is well experienced, trained, and qualified. We used advanced techniques and technologies to perform the necessary steps for fixture and fittings. Smart designs mean utlising space and light in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

What you can expect from Gold Star Bathrooms

  • Before you even start bathroom renovations in Burleigh , make sure you understand how much it’s going to cost, the maximum amount of time it will take to finish it, and compare going DIY vs hiring contractors.


  • Let’s face it–bathroom renovations can be costly. But you can actually do something about it. Prepare a budget ahead and look for suppliers in your area that can provide items at a lower cost. In Cannon Hill, Gold Star Bathrooms can supply you with everything you need for renovations and within your budget.

Finishing time

  • Expect that your house in Cannon Hill will turn upside down when the renovations start. People will also come and go, so it’s better if you find a temporary place to live in, especially when there are kids around.

Contractors are heaven-sent.

  • You may be thinking that you can pull a DIY on a bathroom project, but can you really? Unless you are a master carpenter or a plumber, doing it yourself isn’t worth it. The mistakes could be worse, and you’ll end up spending more than less. So spare yourself the trouble and hire professionals of bathroom renovations in Cannon Hill.
  • Bathroom renovations may look and feel easy, but vital factors must be considered so you’ll achieve a result you’ll actually love.

Bathroom Renovation Experts Cannon Hill

No matter, if you are thinking of a classy small bathroom renovation or just a simple makeover. We have limitless options ranging from a common to a high-tech design. Seek advice from our specialised and highly team who are ready to carry out a reconstruction task that will leave you happy and satisfied. 

Best bathroom renovation

Gold Coast bathrooms are typically great to renovate as the market is growing so adding a new bathroom is a way to truly add value to your house. If you would like to discuss your ideas about your bathroom renovation in the Gold Coast region then talk to our friendly team today and we can assist you in the entire project from start to finish.

Go Tankless to Save Energy

If you decide to create some extra space, you can consider installing a tankless water heater in your bathroom to save on energy costs. On-demand water heaters save you money because they heat water as you use it instead of heating and reheating water that is stored in a tank.

Water heaters with tanks take up a lot of space and they are usually installed in areas far from the points of use. Hot water must travel a long distance before flowing out of your tap which wastes your time. It also consumes energy because the hot water becomes trapped in limbo in the pipes where it will cool.

If your bathroom needs resurfacing in Cannon Hill and you want to save water and energy, contact Gold Star Bathrooms. We guarantee that your new bathroom will be done on time and budget.

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