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Broadbeach Bathroom Renovation

Like other home remodelling projects, doing some Broadbeach bathroom renovations surely sounds daunting and will need a lot of money. To make things light on your pocket, you would have to take it on in phases.

You should also work with professionals who can complete a project within your budget and schedule.

With over 20 years of experience we can create the perfect bathroom for you

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complete bathroom renovations gold coast

Project Schedule

Our meticulously planned projects provide you with a concrete schedule, where we can systematically complete all the tasks involved in your bathroom renovation. Our process and services are outlined below.

complete bathroom renovations gold coast

We Can Help Design

Gold Star Bathrooms provide a comprehensive bathroom renovation service from start to finish. There are a vast array of different processes and tasks that are involved when building or renovating bathrooms, and we can take care of them all.


Modern Designs

Ensuring they offer more than just a job well done, the team at Gold Star Bathrooms come to you equipped with the latest tools, modern technology, and all the necessary supplies including tiles, appliances, fittings and more.

Before & After

See our latest bathroom renovation before and after photos. Another very happy Gold Star customer!

What you can expect from Gold Star Bathrooms with their offer of bathroom renovations Broadbeach

What you can expect from Gold Star Bathrooms with their offer of bathroom renovations Broadbeach

Gold Star Bathrooms are experts in small and large-scale renovations and resurfacing. They are noted for their complete service, which includes:

  • Proper Overview and Scheduling

Gold Star Bathrooms provide a working schedule that is transparent between homeowners and contractors. This ensures efficiency in delivering day-to-day renovation tasks in the most professional and timely manner.

  • Regular Updates

During the course of bathroom renovations Broadbeach, the company provides homeowners with peace of mind through weekly updates and progress reports. This shows great professionalism and their commitment to delivering on the promised schedule whilst maximising time, cost, and other project resources.

  • Design Ideas at Your Fingertips

You can book and engage with Gold Star Bathrooms’ in-house interior designers to work out a design plan for your Broadbeach bathroom renovations. You can combine your visions with professional design for the best outcome.

Broad Beach Bathroom Renovation

Goldstar Bathroom is a leading bathroom renovation company with  over 20 years of experience. We will solve all needs of your Gold Coast bathroom renovation from the design through to the construction.

The team of Goldstar is well experienced, trained, and qualified. We used advanced techniques and technologies to perform the necessary steps for fixture and fittings. Smart designs mean utlising space and light in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

Problems that are addressed with bathroom resurfacing

Major Overhauls vs Minor Makeovers

Jumping the gun on a whole renovation is a common problem amongst homeowners who get into panic mode easily. When something looks tired and worn out in your bathrooms, it may just only need bathroom resurfacing Broadbeach can offer.

With resurfacing services, you are essentially re-finishing the surface layers of your bathroom to restore it into its original condition. It gives the space a fresh look.

High Costs

Instead of a full-blown bathroom renovations Broadbeach, resurfacing can save you from the cost and hassle of replacing the surface and fixtures altogether. By applying a new coating to the surface, it makes it look brand new again. Bathroom resurfacing can hide minor cracks and impurities on wall tiles, baths, and basins.


Renovations can drag on for months, especially when you are dealing with serious issues. But by working with professionals in bathroom renovations Broadbeach has, you can assure yourself that things will be much quicker than doing it with unskilled individuals.

With this guide, you can now decide what your bathroom needs are. Prepare accordingly and only engage with professionals of bathroom renovations Broadbeach to ensure quality results

Broad beach Bathroom Renovation Experts

No matter, if you are thinking of a classy small bathroom renovation or just a simple makeover. We have limitless options ranging from a common to a high-tech design. Seek advice from our specialised and highly team who are ready to carry out a reconstruction task that will leave you happy and satisfied. 

Best bathroom renovation

Gold Coast bathrooms are typically great to renovate as the market is growing so adding a new bathroom is a way to truly add value to your house. If you would like to discuss your ideas about your bathroom renovation in the Gold Coast region then talk to our friendly team today and we can assist you in the entire project from start to finish.

About Gold Star Bathrooms

Gold Star Bathrooms offers superior services in renovation and resurfacing. The company now has over 20 years of industry experience.

Choose Gold Star Bathrooms and enjoy the following perks:

  • Designs with emphasis on exceptional quality and modern styles
  • In-home consultations which are free of charge
  • Locked-in commencement and completion dates
  • Weekly progress meetings that keep clients up to date

So, if you are looking to get professional bathroom renovations Broadbeach, choose Gold Star Bathrooms. Learn more about their services and get your obligation-free quotation by contacting them today!

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