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How to make the most of a bathroom renovation project

Revamp your home with bathroom renovations Paradise Point offers.

But before getting too excited about renovations, let us explore what a renovation work entails. Know what you can expect from a remodelling work, which service provider you should work with, and what you should do to get the most of the project.

Common problems that call for bathroom remodel Paradise Point

A bathroom strip out not only adds value to your house, but it transforms its style and usability. Just like any renovation project, there are problems that a remodel solves. Here are some of them:

  • Hidden problems
    During renovations, most people are concerned about external layout elements, like tiles, flooring, and paint. But what you should be focusing on are hidden problems–those inside the walls and under the sink because these tend to be hazardous.Problems, like termites, bad wiring, mould, floor joist damage, or asbestos, can do some serious damage.
  • Poor plumbing
    Some houses come with an outdated plumbing system. You can usually detect these when you hear a knocking sound every time you turn on the shower. That means your pipes are not properly secured, so they rattle whenever water passes through them.Check for faucet leaks or water taps that have inconsistent water pressure. If you notice any or all of these, it is a sign that you need an entirely new plumbing system on the next round of renovations..
  • Uneven floors and walls
    These problems are not easily noticeable. You will only see them once you are already installing new tiles and see the grout lines attenuate. This is usually an indication that there might be structural issues like a weak floor framing.

These are problems you can expect to see and need to address by doing a bathroom remodel Paradise Point has to offer.

Tips for getting more value out of bathroom renovations Paradise Point has to offer

Now that you know the major issues you have to address, here’s how you can get the most out of your renovations project.

  • Redesign opportunity
    Since this project will most likely involve a bathroom strip out, go for a new layout. You will get to choose new tiles and fixtures that modernise the space and fit it with the best of technology.
  • Renovate to last
    Other than a redesign, you can now make sure that it is built to last. The hazards mentioned above, when left unaddressed, can cause bigger problems that may harm everyone in the house. Through renovations, you can oversee the structural integrity of your bathroom for better functionality.
  • Industry expertise
    Did you do any renovations before moving into your home? If not, then there might be structural problems due to the age of the house or the negligence of the previous contractor.

When getting a bathroom remodel Paradise Point has to offer, you should choose a renovation specialist with years of expertise, like Gold Star Bathrooms.

About Gold Star Bathrooms

Gold Star Bathrooms is owned and operated by Shannon, a leading expert in bathroom work with 20 years of experience. He and his team are renowned for providing homeowners with excellent and friendly services.

When you choose to partner with Gold Star Bathrooms, they guarantee quality work through:

  • Locked-in schedules: Get a fixed commencement and completion date for the scheduled renovations.
  • Weekly updates: Weekly progress meetings are held to provide you with real-time updates on the renovation project.
  • Design assistance: In-house designers will help turn your vision into reality by helping you sketch out a new layout and the materials needed to build it.
  • Project overview: The owner himself will go to your house and oversee the progress of the project. You will also receive a working schedule, so you know what is happening at any given time.

With a team as highly qualified as Gold Star Bathrooms, you are promised top-notch service you would not find anywhere else. Find out more about their services and get your obligation-free renovations quotation by contacting them today!

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